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Back in May 2010, we created a system that works for us. Shortly after, we duplicated that system and we came up with another company. Then again in 2015, we launched our third and newest baby!

We added a brief description of our current companies below so you can learn more about us. But if you just want to go for a coffee and chat, please get in touch with us we would love to meet with you!

Social Media Revolution
Online Branding Consultant

DJ is THE Social Media Ambassador that you are looking for. In other words, DJ is the personal Online Branding Consultant that has your back. But in order to make this a reality, DJ works with a selective group of people at the time.

How does that work?
We are not afraid to work...but we choose Quality vs Quantity.
Therefore, our business strategy is simple but effective...For any of our three companies, DJ & Lis will work with up to 10 clients at the time. A total of 30 clients per year.

To kickoff the first quarter in 2016, we are currently accepting a couple entrepreneurs to develop a business relationship that will eventually evolve into something more than just business.

SMR Services...

Hidden Jewel Consulting

"My vision is to empower others to focus on their true beauty and allow their hidden jewel to shine through their heart so they may realize their dreams and destiny and unleash their full potential and re-claim their inner power."

~ Lis Perez

Hidden Jewel Services...

Our Newest Baby!

Spanish Classes in Calgary
El Maestro

El Maestro (DJ) works with you as a Spanish language coach at a one on one level.

During this program you will have some one to practice your Spanish all the time. Unlike other online Spanish programs out there, we have a very interactive approach where you get to learn the slang, the emotion and the feeling behind the language. The program is 90% conversation based and NO textbooks are required.

El Maestro (DJ) can accommodate any level, including: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Speak Spanish like a Local...Not a Loco!
Register TodayEl Maestro will waive the registration fee. Plus...the first month is on the house!*

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The following section is divided in to two empowering divisions. The first one is True Beauty Online (By Lis) & the second one is Perez Ministries (By DJ).

Each division is very close to our heart and we hope to help others than can't help themselves by providing them with a word of inspiration.


True Beauty Online (TBO) is our online magazine that empowers women and teens to be their true selves and realize that their inner beauty is a reflection of who they truly are.

Topics include: Self-Esteem, Bullying, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Women in Business, etc.

True Beauty Online

True Beauty Online is always looking for contributors. If you are interested in writing, please feel free to submit a piece for consideration. Click HERE for more info.

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Perez Ministries

Perez Ministries is DJ's Spanish video ministry that was launched in 2010.

"My vision is to help others in need by simply giving them a word of inspiration, by listening to them and by praying together."

~Josaphat De Jesus (DJ) "Creating hope for better tomorrows."

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Como Obtener Una Relacion Saludable Como Padres Con Los Hijos

La relacion de padres y/o hijos no es solo de "Dame y Yo Quiero". Bueno, al mismo tiempo, esto aplica en otras areas como lo es nuestra relacion con Dios.

Posted by Perez Ministries on Friday, February 26, 2016

Giving Back

"True Beauty Foundation" is a journey that started many years ago by Lis Perez. Part of her vision is to help local families affected by cancer. Since 2012, we have been hosting an annual event called "True Beauty Gala." The 4th Annual gala was held on November 7, 2015 at The Metropolitan Centre.

What thrives us to organize the "True Beauty Gala" every year is the desire to help those that can't help themselves. #TBgala2015

Posted by Empower Media on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We enjoy giving back to the community and being involved any way we can. It is a sense of hope knowing that we can help change lives and offer a better future.

It is our mission to explore that journey…to help people connect with those they haven’t met yet. To help make someone’s life a bit greater by offering our heart and enlightening them with inspiration. We understand who you are and we help share your story through various forms of communication, media, events and networking.

~DJ. & Lis Perez