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While we now offer new products and services to our clients, we still have a very strong social media consulting and coaching presence around the business community. You can read more about those services right here. And if you are interested in having your own personal online branding consultant and/or coach, please let us know by sending us an email at

This is what we believe:
If we just created a video for you and move on to the next client, we would just become another video production company in Calgary. But we, at Empower Media, strongly believe in supporting our clients while developing a relationship with them. That means that we are with you for the long run!

Listen, creating a video is just the first thing as I mentioned above. Next, you will need to create visibility of your video using some of the top multiple social media platforms while keeping in mind your main objectives. Right around here is where most people get lost...But fear not! This is where we come in and help you navigate the social media world.

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OK, let me share something with you!

Before Empower Media was Empower Media, we were operating as Social Media Revolution (SMR) for many years in Calgary. Working under SMR, we were able to develop successful Branding and Social Media campaigns for several companies in Calgary, AB, Mexico City and Colombia. But just like Social Media, we need to continue evolving in order to lead the way. So, we re-branded ourselves as Empower Media back in 2015 and things are going better than before.

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